$1,000,000 medical malpractice settlement as co counsel for a woman who had a botched gall bladder surgery, needed multiple additional surgeries, and had sepsis as a result of bile leaking into her abdomen.

$450,000 settlement for a woman who slipped and fell on ice from a plower’s snow mound while she was walking in a parking lot; she required 4 ankle surgeries; case was pretried with the Honorable Judge Thomas Roti from the Third District Rolling Meadows courthouse; case was mediated and settled with retired Judge Michael Panter in Chicago May 2016.

$450,000 car accident settlement combining defendant’s liability carrier settlement with injured party’s under insured motorist settlement where a woman suffered three broken bones in her legs, permanent, severe post concussive vertigo, and carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.

$300,000 nursing home settlement co counsel fall and fractured hip in nursing home bathroom at night when patient was a known fall risk.

$261,400 settlement 11/16 (policy limits) for 77 year old man in head on collision who initially offered to accept a settlement for $1200 dollars but did not sign a Release. Two months later he went to the hospital for headaches, confusion, and falling asleep while eating.  He had a brain bleed needing immediate brain surgery. Mr. Wolff got the initial claimed settlement from the insurance company reversed, showing the accident was the cause of the head injury.

$250,000 car accident settlement (policy limits) for man in his twenties who was a back seat passenger of car and was thrown from car on impact causing head injuries and post concussion syndrome.

$240,000 2012 nursing home malpractice settlement with co-counsel for 97 year old woman who fell out of bed at a nursing home, suffered a broken nose, multiple facial fractures, and required substantial hospitalization.

$240,000 car accident settlement for woman in her thirties who required two surgeries on her ankle to repair severe ligament damage caused by the accident.

$200,000 car accident settlement for woman who could not walk for first three weeks after rear end collision. Case was settled using combination the other driver’s insurance and victim’s under insured motorist coverage policy.

$190,000 2013 nursing home malpractice settlement with co-counsel for a man who fell while being asked to stand from his bed by a nurse’s aide. He fell back on the bed causing a large bruise on his backside which required substantial treatment and it did not fully heal.

$170,000 car accident settlement for elderly man who suffered severe post concussion syndrome and incidents of syncope (black outs) after the cab he was in caused the accident.

$160,000 2015 settlement after assigned for jury trial in the Cook County Law Division for older woman who tripped on defective floor mat entering a bank.  She required rotator cuff repair surgery.

$125,000 2012 workers compensation settlement for worker who injured both shoulders requiring surgery after lifting a several hundred pound truck frame.

$125,000 2013 personal injury settlement for slip and fall on ice and snow at a public storage facility in Grayslake, IL. Mr. Wolff obtained contribution from both the storage facility and the snow plow company. Plaintiff had fractured right ankle and non displaced fracture at the base of her neck but refused surgery.

$122,000 workers comp settlement for truck driver who fell off back of truck injuring shoulder.

$120,000 95 % of a whole man workers compensation settlement for employee who slipped and fell on oil spill at work causing a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery and drop foot.

$117,000 jury verdict for car accident plaintiff whose car had been hit glancing blow by truck; plaintiff had soft tissue injuries and only $15,000 in medical bills but had been unable to continue to compete in high school sports.

$102,000 workers compensation settlement for maid at at hotel who had torn her meniscus at work and required surgery; she also had contested other knee injury and bulging disc in back.

$100,000 policy limits settlement three days before trial for Plaintiff who had had three prior back fusion surgeries and then was rear ended by Defendant. Defendant’s initial offer when Plaintiff had yet to retain counsel was only $14,000. Mr. Wolff took the video evidence deposition of Plaintiff’s surgeon, one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country from Northwestern, and the case settled soon thereafter.

$100,000 policy limits settlement for car accident plaintiff who was rear ended in contested liability case; plaintiff required neck surgery; police officer report was mistakenly written not disclosing defendant’s full responsibility for accident.

$92,000 workers compensation settlement for a truck driver who was injured after latch on back of truck snapped back and hit worker in forehead causing ongoing headaches, vision problems, and post concussion syndrome.

Successful trial litigation of a bilateral carpal tunnel workers compensation case where liability was contested for two years. The case resolved after Mr. Wolff cross examined the Defense’s doctor at his deposition.

Successful trial defense of a $600,000 mechanics lien case on behalf of a developer in 2010 against an alleged steel contractor. The case was tried over two plus weeks to completion in Cook County, Chancery Division. The contractor was denied all relief.

Mid six figures settlement representing a developer against a utility company for unauthorized use of developer’s land. Settlement figure confidential.

Successful trial of a sexual/age harassment case against a county sheriff’s office. Complainant was awarded $75,000 in damages plus interest. Petition for attorney fees and Appeal still pending.

Successful arbitration award 2016 on client’s uninsured motorist policy where client had preexisting low back condition for which she was still treating at the time of her new accident. Insurance offer was zero. Mr. Wolff obtained an award after a hearing of $65,000.